Dr. Shirley M C Yeung: From Wellness via Creation to Sustained Business with Impacts

Author: Dr. Shirley Yeung
YAA Winner, SYART Singapore, 2022
@Shirleyyeung_sdg | @ESGSchoolHK


Chinese brush strokes are similar to the pose of yoga which integrate breathing, boused in traditional Chinese painting can also be used for wellness practices to promote relaxation, stress relief, and overall wellbeing. Here are some examples of Chinese brush strokes that can have a positive impact on your health when used for breathing and wellness:

1. Dai (carry):
This brush stroke involves a curved, flowing movement with the brush. It can represent the flow of energy or breath throughout the body, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm.
2. Mo (wipe): This brush stroke is often used in circular motions, symbolizing the act of cleaning or cleansing. When applied to breathing exercises, it can help to clear the mind like meditation to stay focused.

3. Pie (flick):
This brush stroke involves a quick, upward flick with the brush. When used for wellness purposes, it can signify the release of tension and negative energy via removing toxic in the body. Incorporating this stroke into breathing exercises can help to relieve stress.

4. Heng (horizontal):
This brush stroke consists of a straight horizontal line. It can represent stability and grounding like tree and warrior two balancing pose of yoga. When applied to wellness practices, it can help to anchor the breath and promote feelings of security and relaxation for wellness.

Combining different ways of brush strokes with breathing techniques, the level of wellness can be maximized. Regular practice of these strokes in drawing during breathing / yoga exercises can help improve overall health and well-being.

For the future of Chinese Calligraphy Paintings, here are some of my observations :

1. Re-connect Yourself to Cultural Heritage:
Traditional eastern / western art forms like calligraphy, seal engraving, and ceramics provide a connection to one’s cultural heritage. Engaging yourself in these practices can foster a sense of identity and pride to influence others for bonding.

2. Re-visit Technology for Virtual-Humanistic Communities:
The pandemic has accelerated the digitization of various fields, including creative art and content distribution. It is time to re-think how to apply technology to bring calmness, happiness, and productivity to our lives.

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