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Issue 3. Color vibe

Incoming Interviews

Interview with Olesia Tkachenko
My works are a textile painting created from natural fibers on a wool canvas. In fact, I am engaged in painting with the help of ...
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Interview with Marianna Nerozna
My work is the language of lines and color on canvas, conveying emotions, bringing light to the audience, and touching the soul. Art is my ...
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Interview with Ana Jošović
Objective beauty is a tranquil state of mind in which we are connected to the highest form of existence. Objective beauty is an undeniable Truth. ...
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Interview with Katya Taylor
Art curator and the founder of Port of Culture, a civil society organization that promotes Ukrainian cultural initiatives among domestic and international audiences.
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Interview with Ruta Jansone
Drawing from imagination, I paint euphoric, richly textured floral canvases and collage-like psychedelic dreamscapes that interpret the essence of the natural world and the human ...
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Represented Artists

Eva Alvor, Kateryna Bortsova, Karina Danylchuk, Valentina Diena, Joseph Dulin- Didonato, Wendy Guagenti, Parastoo Haddadi, Liza Illichmann, Molood Jannesari, Baharak Jourabchi, Yulia Kapustynska, Oleksandra Kulikovska, Yuliia Lyshanets, Juyi Mao, Mina Mehdizadeh Fard, Fernanda Morales Tovar, Maryna Mural, Olena Ponomarova, Parnian Pourmovahed, Saharrococo, Mahsa Se, Shabnam Sharghi Ahvazi, Margarita Stepanova, Olena Stremouchova, Tina Striuk, Olha Trikolich, Olena Yemelianova, Yeonhye Park

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