Interview with Ruta Jansone

Drawing from imagination, I paint euphoric, richly textured floral canvases and collage-like psychedelic dreamscapes that interpret the essence of the natural world and the human spirit.

Born: Riga, Latvia
Now: Norway | TikTok


Ruta, how did your passion for art start?

My passion for art started at a very young age, and I believe it was nurtured by the creative influence of my mom. Even as a child, I was naturally drawn to creating arts and crafts. I was inspired by her, she always engaged in creative activities at home, whether it was drawing or crafts. I remember she had a remarkable talent for realistic still life drawings, and I was in awe of her beautiful creations. I was so proud of her talent that I would bring her drawings to school to show everyone. Witnessing her creativity and artistic abilities firsthand had a profound impact on me and ignited my own passion for art. From that point on, I found joy in expressing myself through various art forms and continued to explore and develop my artistic skills over the years.

Your love for bright colors and optimism in life only increased with the move to the northern country! Tell us, how was the adaptation and your art transformation?

Oh, I can’t even begin to express the sheer delight I experienced upon moving to Norway! It was a transformative experience for me, both personally and artistically. It was as if a burst of vibrant energy had been awakened within me, drawing me towards bright colors like a magnet. The sudden shift in my artistic preferences came naturally, yet it took me by surprise.

It was as if a switch had been flipped, and I couldn’t help but gravitate towards the brightest hues imaginable.

The open-minded culture and the incredible people I encountered played a significant role in this transformation. The acceptance, humbleness, support, and commitment to equality that I encountered in my surroundings was truly awe-inspiring. Although my life wasn’t without its challenges, the sheer joy that I felt from living here left a permanent mark on my art. Every brush of paint reflected the happiness and gratitude that filled my heart.

Tell us what inspires you to create new works? Do you have favorite contemporary artists or look for inspiration intuitively by listening to yourself?

Nothing fuels my creativity quite like embracing new experiences. Each encounter, whether it’s exploring a new travel destination, reading an interesting information source, engaging in spontaneous conversations, or even rediscovering the familiar holds the potential to inspire my artistic vision. Rather than confining myself to a specific set of favorite contemporary artists, I prefer to look inward and listen to my own intuition. By cultivating a mindset of openness and curiosity, I am continually rewarded with fresh insights that breathe life into my creations. It is in these uncharted territories that my imagination thrives, and my artwork reflects the colorful tapestry of experiences that shape my creative journey.

Do you feel the difference between cultures and society as an artist? Does being a member of Female Artists Oslo help you express yourself more and promote yourself in a new environment?

Yes, I definitely feel the differences between cultures and society. Each culture brings its unique beliefs, customs, and artistic influences, all of which inspire my creative process. Culture influences society, while society provides the environment for cultural expressions to flourish.

Being a member of Female Artists Oslo (FAO) has been an incredible support system for me. Not only are there opportunities for female artists to showcase their art, but it also fosters a nurturing, strong community where we uplift and empower one another on our artistic journeys. Through FAO, I have gained a new mindset that emphasizes the importance of community, which has ultimately enhanced my artistic expression, pushing me to explore new creative directions. I am immensely grateful for the support and encouragement I receive from this community, and I cannot wait for what the future holds!

 You actively started as an artist in group exhibitions this year and already have plans for the rest of the summer, impressive! What experience have you gained by participating in regional exhibitions?

Thank you! Participating in regional group exhibitions has been an incredibly valuable experience for me as an emerging artist. Firstly, it has allowed me to immerse myself in the art scene and connect with other passionate artists. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share a common love for art has been both inspiring and motivating.

These exhibitions have reinforced my love for being a part of the art world and have taught me the importance of setting ambitious goals and believing in my own abilities. As I move forward, I am very excited about the upcoming opportunities, including my first group exhibition in New York this autumn. With each step, I am reminded that the possibilities are limitless when you dare to dream big.

What advice would you give to young artists? How to discover yourself, believe in yourself, and create what you like?

When it comes to young artists, there’s so much to unpack, I could keep talking for hours!
Discovering yourself as an artist starts with exploration and experimentation. Try out different art styles and techniques, and see what resonates with you. This process not only hones your artistic skills but also helps you uncover what truly inspires you and ignites your passion. Similarly, understanding what you don’t like is just as important.

To create art you love, you must embrace your authentic self unapologetically, both in your art and in your everyday life. When you genuinely express who you are, it will reflect in the art that you create.

Now, believing in yourself is a journey that takes time and can be a real challenge.

Confidence grows with practice and experience. It’s natural to have doubts and fear when starting something new. The more you engage in your art and put yourself out there, the more your self-belief will strengthen. Remember, there’s no perfect moment to start, so begin before you feel fully ready. Consider the possibility that things might work out. Take the leap, take risks, and trust in your ability to grow as an artist.

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