Interview with Maria Suarez

I’m Maria Suarez, a family portrait photographer from Peru now in NYC. With a master’s in Digital Photography from SVA, I blend my heritage and audiovisual expertise to capture cherished family milestones.

Born: Peru
Now: New York, United States
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Your passion for photography awoke with your first camera, but when did you decide that you would become a photographer?

During my career exploration, I gravitated towards fields with photography courses. It was then I discovered my passion for photography. Despite concerns from my parents about its financial viability, I remained strong in pursuing my passion.

You studied both in Peru, where you were born, and in the USA, where you earned a Master’s degree in Digital Photography. How did the influence of these two cultures shape you as an artist?

My journey led me to earn a master’s degree from the School of Visual Arts. My Hispanic heritage equipped me with invaluable communication skills, enabling me to bridge cultural gaps and translate for Spanish speakers. Immersed in American culture, especially in the diverse melting pot of New York City, I honed my professionalism and gather insights from people of various backgrounds, enriching my perspective and skills.

Maria, your works are so warm – family photography is definitely your direction! How do you manage to highlight tenderness and love in your work? What inspires you?

Prior to each photoshoot, I invest considerable time fostering understanding and trust with my subjects. I prioritize genuine connections, taking the time to talk and connect with them on a personal level. My fascination with the maternal bond, stemming from my own experiences with my mother, led me to specialize in maternity photography. As an only child, I’ve long been captivated by this unique relationship, often immersing myself in documentaries about childbirth from a young age.

Where do you think there is more magic – in studio shoots or in nature and the hustle and bustle of the city? In which environment do you prefer to work the most?

I find joy in the contrast between urban excitement and the tranquility of nature. Balancing the hustle of city life with the serenity of natural surroundings is essential to me. Weekdays are for embracing the energy of the city, while weekends are reserved for peaceful retreats into nature, allowing me to recharge and find inspiration.

Speaking of magic – you teach both adults and children! What is your favorite moment in teaching, and what challenges do you face in your work?

My most cherished moments revolve around interacting with children and teenagers. Witnessing their growth and skill development fills me with pride and fulfillment. Yet, navigating the fine line between firmness and understanding poses challenges. It’s about finding a voice that resonates, fostering not just compliance but genuine learning and retention.

You have an impressive list of publications and participation in international exhibitions. Which event do you consider your greatest achievement?

One of my most significant achievements is curating the photo exhibition “Around and Through.” This personal project demanded considerable dedication and effort to bring to fruition.

Seeing it come together was immensely gratifying, and I take great pride in the finished product and the impact it had on viewers.

What advice would you give to newcomers in the art field?

My philosophy is simple: take as many pictures as you can and always strive to learn.

Curiosity is key – never hesitate to ask questions and connect with others in the field. Building a network fosters growth and opens doors to new opportunities. Embrace failure as a natural part of the learning process and, most importantly, find joy in every moment of your journey.

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