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Issue 5. Source of Inspiration

Incoming Interviews

Interview with Alisa Vovk
There is more to reality than meets the eye. Behind the veil of ordinary consciousness lies another unspeakably strange universe. Art that touches your heart ...
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Interview with Paola De Gregorio
Art is an expression of emotions. Emotions are human feelings. Capturing these feelings through the camera is the aim of my work.
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Interview with Thomas Pickarski
I find myself haunted by the misery of the human condition. What drew me to performance and storytelling is the vulnerability of accessing raw emotions ...
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Interview with Evgenia Poberezhna
My work focuses on people. The main expressive means are oil painting, drawing, mixed media and collage. I explore the themes of female nature, childhood, ...
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Incoming Articles

Dr Shirley Yeung: Artistic SDG Acceleration via Transformative Creative Female Leadership

Dr. Yeung takes an inquiry, explorative, and experiential learning approach to use Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese paintings and values of resilience, persistence and harmony for knowledge ...
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Represented Artists

Lusi Bogdanowicz, Wictor Doarte, Louise Hung, Azgard Itambo, Molood Jannesari, Kabehn, Yuliia Khovbosha, Iryna Kis, Vlada Lobus, Shannon Maltbie-Davis, Brian McPartlon, Amine Naima, Damilola Olusegun, Olena Papka, Katya Shiova, Amjad Ali Talpur, Cheuk Yan Cherry Tung, Elvira Tymko, Ariana Vier, Luliia Vysotska

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