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Issue 4. Dream Big

Incoming Interviews

Interview with Yidi Wang
You could say I am a feminist; You could say I am a cyborg; You could say I am a post-human. I am an observer ...
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Interview with Volodymyr Crevol
Military, Volunteer and Digital Artist. I create linear images with their own individuality, and thanks to symbolism, each image gets a certain meaning that reveals ...
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Interview with Dr Shirley Yeung
Things in my life are episodes that are worth being presented in an artistic way with educational values to sustain and transform.
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Represented Artists

Anna Borachuk, Tetiana Borys, Catherine Chatzidimitriou, Natalie Christensen, Somayeh Faal, Jiang Feng, Mahsa Feyziazar, Kathleen Frank, Vincent Frimpong, Seyedeh Hakimeh, Mark Yale Harris, Mpho Jacobs, Tetiana Kovalova, A. Naveen Kumar, Yaroslav Leonets, Mandroid, Toufic, Melhem, Jirah Millano, Madelaine Millar, Anastasiia Novytska, Alida Ozolina, Ziba Pashang, Valeriia Prasol, Sara Rahanjam, Olga Rokhmanyuk ROArtUS, Catherine Eaton Skinner, Tetiana Vasiura, w.vv.vv

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