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Issue 7. Enjoying the color

Incoming Interviews

Interview with Angel Qin
My artistic inspiration originates from a genuine curiosity about the self and the world. I view self-awareness as fundamentally linked to the interaction between the ...
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Interview with Katya Shiova
Evolution is the best artist. It creates perfect functionality enclosed in perfect form. The artist only transfers these masterpieces from natural history museums to art ...
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Interview with D’Art Shinee
Art is the language that speaks when words fall silent. Every stroke of the brush is a whisper of the artist's heart.
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Interview with Maria Suarez
I'm Maria Suarez, a family portrait photographer from Peru now in NYC. With a master’s in Digital Photography from SVA, I blend my heritage and ...
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Interview with Grady T Zeeman
It is my desire that my love for the Divine, my love for humanity, and my love for life itself, is evident in my paintings; ...
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Represented Artists

Candace Alexandres, Fuzuki Arai, Chris Bigalke, Sandra Cavanagh, Pyus Chan, Delia Collage, 3rdEye, Olivia Hawkswell, Alexandra Hetman, Kimberly Isibusiso Mduli, Zexuan Jia, Tracy Jamgbadi, Sihua Liu, Céline Liebi, Cat Lipiec, Lppicasso, Alexandr Luc, Alireza Memariani, Richard Middlen, Amika Matsumoto, Roya Nazari Najafabadi, Charely Paulino, Maria Petrashenko, Khrystyna Kvyk, Kerru, Kuma, Lawrence Kyere, KEEM, Olga Rutkowiak, Sabrina Squires, Tina Striuk, Olga Volianska

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