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Art is a universal visual language that unites, inspires, and fills the world with its own meanings! We aim to connect artists from all over the world and show talented Ukrainian artists here.

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Issue 4. Dream Big
This issue brings together works about fictional, sometimes fantasy, worlds, the expectations of a dream and a collision with reality. Get ready to see many parallels and different perspectives from artists from all over the world!

Open calls: exhibitions and publications

International open calls for artists of all media to take part in a virtual
3D exhibitions or get a publications in a contemporary art magazine

Open Call: Articles

Articles about art

NO DEADLINE We provide artists, teachers, and art figures with the opportunity to publish an article on our website and on the pages of the ...
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Open Call: Magazine

Magazine: Issue 5. Source of Inspiration

DEADLINE: September 10 We want to focus on the theme of inspiration and the difference in styles that we create through the medium.
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Open Call: Interviews

Interview with an Artist

NO DEADLINE Publication on Artwork Gallery platform or in our Contemporary Art Magazine
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Represented artists

Meet special Ukrainian women artists

Karina Danylchuk

Ukrainian watercolor painter. Relationships between nature and people inspire me to create my artworks. Also, my watercolor birds set out the difference between people and ...
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Olha Yefimova

My technique combines Old Dutch painting methods and impressionism. In some works, the imprimatur glows on the canvas - the first and only layer of ...
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Evgenia Poberezhna

My work focuses on people. I explore certain moments in life, and what they are made of. Gestures, movements, looks, and something else: elusive but ...
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