Interview with Thomas Pickarski

I find myself haunted by the misery of the human condition. What drew me to performance and storytelling is the vulnerability of accessing raw emotions and crafting a connection to an audience…

Interview with Evgenia Poberezhna

My work focuses on people. The main expressive means are oil painting, drawing, mixed media and collage. I explore the themes of female nature, childhood, family, and growing up.

Interview with Shir Beck

My name is Shir Beck and I paint in oil and acrylic. I studied painting and dance for many years, I danced classical ballet, tap and flamenco.

Interview with Darwin Estacio Martinez

Darwin Estacio Martinez is a contemporary artist born in 1982, in Manzanillo, Cuba. He is graduated from The Professional Academy of Fine Arts “El Alba” in Holguin, Cuba, and holds a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana.

Interview with Volodymyr Crevol

Military, Volunteer and Digital Artist.
I create linear images with their own individuality, and thanks to symbolism, each image gets a certain meaning that reveals its essence!

Interview with Nanxi Jin

I’m originally from China and moved to the United States when I was 16. Ceramics runs in my family, and it has been a significant part of my artistic journey. Primarily focusing on installation and sculpture, I also dabbled in design and explored various creative avenues, but clay remains my primary material.

Interview with Yidi Wang

You could say I am a feminist; You could say I am a cyborg; You could say I am a post-human. I am an observer of encounters of female body in different eras and social contexts. Motherhood, parenthood, sex and gender are the hack way of me to have conversations with the audiences.

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