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Issue 1. Woman faces

Incoming Interviews

Interview with Helen Labartkava-Verdi
Stylе Expert and Image Maker for the past 12 years “before the war”, and the founder of the UART.Gallery art project for the past year. ...
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Interview with Tanbelia
Artist and sculptor who creates art about nature in a wavy line. The goal is to encourage people to protect nature.
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Interview with Jul Lisova
I tame clay. By increasing the beauty of the world, I give it to people. I stylize the surrounding reality and bring my personal meanings ...
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Interview with Anna Miklashevich
Ukrainian artist, art entrepreneur, founder of the UARTIST 83 community, vegan, and marathoner.
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Represented Artists

Nataliya Bagatskaya, Tanya Bilous, Iryna Bogdanova, Nadezhda Danilova, Myroslava Denysyuk, Mariia Dobrova, Jaz_Pict, Tetiana Kramarenko, Ievgeniia Kupchan, Nataliia Kulikovska, Yevheniia Kurdiukova, Nataliia Shynkarenko, Tania Stupnikova, Olga Synooka, Liliia Topoliuk, Iryna Vlasiuk, Olha Vlasova, Elena Vylusk, Maryna Yandolenko, Zinaida

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