Interview with Tanbelia

Artist and sculptor who creates art about nature in a wavy line. The goal is to encourage people to protect nature.

Ilpin village, Rivne region, Ukraine
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Tanbelia, please, tell where did your creative path begin?

My creative path began when I was a child. All my life, I was constantly making something, drawing, sculpting, because I really liked it. I graduated from an art school where I realized – I wanted to do art professionally. I participated in exhibitions and festivals and felt like a fish in the water, feeling that this was my field. It is nice to feel tired from artistic work. Graduated from art college and academy in Lviv.

Then I spent several years looking for my style, material, and plot, and gradually, a picture began to emerge of where I should move next and which path I should take.

Of course, you need to constantly work on yourself and improve.

This issue comes out after a year of full-scale war. Please tell us how the war affected your creative path? What were your jobs this year?

The war reminded me that this world is cruel, and you don’t need to be depressed all the time because, unfortunately, this is this world’s reality and everyday life. I took myself and my creativity into my hands, and with a heavy heart, I continued to work because who will get better if I cry and get nervous. What can I say? We all understand how difficult it is now. There are no words. The war disciplined me. I try not to put off until tomorrow what can be done today because you never know what might happen. This year, I created several works depicting the consequences of shelling. This is a complicated topic for me, so I often do not create works on this topic.

The Solar Eclipse, 46×46х17 cm, copper, solar battery, light, pvc, 2022 daylight

How have the priorities and directions of your art changed? Do you stay true to yourself and continue to create art in the chosen way?

The priorities have remained the same but have been divided into two directions: sculptures and watercolors. Also, the central theme in creativity – nature – became more defined. Volumetric works and paintings are like two halves of me. Yes, I continue to create art in the chosen way. I constantly experiment and do not stand still.

How did metal plates, grinding machines, and various machines appear next to the fragile girl?

Working tools were always with me because I live in a village, and there are a lot of different machines, saws, and household premises, I got used to it, and it is an everyday thing for me. These are probably some stereotypes about fragile girls.

Either metal or watercolor is a material for me to create works of art. In the last 2 years, I really got attached to the metal. It became a material I have been looking for for a long time to reproduce my voluminous ideas. I bought the material, asked my dad about the main nuances, and for the work.

Why did you decide to create a series with copper? Do you like the material’s color, or are there any properties that allow you to bring ideas to life?

Yes, in fact, I really like the color of copper. This material is quite soft and plastic, and it is pleasant to work with. It is easy for me to find an approach to it and implement ideas into life. I associate copper with warmth and nature.

How do you get your ideas, and where do you get your inspiration now? It happens that there is an idea, you start implementing it, and it comes out, or is it a transformation through practice and trials?

Ideas for work appear when, for example, I go to the store, prepare food, at night when I go to bed, or after seeing some everyday thing, associations begin, which I then consider as pictures in my head. Sometimes I just sit down and think about the design of sculptures or themes for paintings and go through everything that comes to mind and choose only what I think is good. Inspiration for me is always nature. Even just walking through the garden or under the trees already makes me think about works. Most of my ideas work out as I want them to, but I think it’s just practice.

I probably threw away and destroyed more works than I created. Talent is the least important. The main thing is desire and perseverance.

Energy Explosion, 45×40х18 cm, copper, solar battery, light, pvc, 2022 daylight and nightlight

Be patient, don’t expect everything to come right away, be hardworking, create for pleasure, find that niche that brings you a thrill, lots of practice, and listen to other people’s opinions but do as you see fit.

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