Interview with Alisa Vovk

There is more to reality than meets the eye. Behind the veil of ordinary consciousness lies another unspeakably strange universe. Art that touches your heart and sheds light on the darkest paths. This is the art of Alisa Vovk. A freelance artist, lives and works in Kyiv. Threefold laureate of international art contests, creates adorable painting.

Kyiv, Ukraine
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You got acquainted with art by passing master classes. What life hacks did you take from them for yourself, and did personal secrets appear in painting?

Art is a long journey, full of beauty. Vincent van Gogh said, “I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” This journey is not easy, sometimes you meet insurmountable mountain peaks, it`s too difficult to climb the top and you have to find your own way. Art is the same case. Artist has the hardest task to put imagination on canvas. Imagination is such a weightless and fast-flowing thing. To let the process of art creation flow you have to get a lot of skills and knowledges. Every artist has his own beloved technics and attending master classes you can take some new tips for yourself. Especially in watercolors it`s very useful. Watercolor paints are very technological, every brand tries to create smth new and interesting, but it`s impossible to try everything. For example, one artist noticed very interesting ability of paint to look different on photos, taken on different device, when other colors look the same. It could be noticed only in experimental way.

Other case, that some artists use not the front side of the sheet, but the other one to get different effects. List can be endless.

So, to attend masterclasses or not? Definitely yes. Progress has no limits.

Alisa, when did your love for watercolor grow into something serious, and did you start creating not only for a hobby?

I tried watercolors many years ago but decided that this is too difficult. If you spoiled smth, you spoiled the painting. On the other hand, i thought that watercolors it is something from my childhood, nothing serious.

But when I started to work as an artist, i began to seek for my own way in that “jungles”. Seeking for my own style, I tried watercolors again. And again, that was very difficult, you cannot cover the painting one more as in oils, or in acrylics. It was so long process. I have to study different paper types, brushes, paints.. So much information you must know paint with watercolors. But it1s so interesting, like a game, it`s non-stop study. Full of experiments with good or bad results.

Later I used to such way of art-life. Then art-experts and my subscribers gave so much compliments to my works, than I understood than I’m on the right way.
I love watercolors. This is like a one-way ticket. You have to be always accurate and thoughtful to get the impressive results.

Tell our readers why you like this medium and what tasks do you like to set for yourself when creating new work? You draw amazing flowers!

Thank you so much.
“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” – John Lennon. The main task for me is to bring that beauty for the viewer. I established my own style. I call it hue shifting realism.

The world is so bright and shiny. There are so much vibrant colors outside. But all of us are sitting at home with a phone or a laptop. We forget to notice all that beauty outside. At the same time, watercolor botanical art is a real investigation. To paint a flower in such a detailed way you have study its structure, shapes, shades and colors. To bring all that colors inside of viewer`s heart use hue shifting of color, to make painting more vibrant. This is the way of my painting to come into your heart and emotions. My main task is to let you fill the beauty and to let you adore it even at home.

You started taking part in exhibitions relatively recently. But your work has already repeatedly participated in exhibitions. Which one do you consider the most significant?

Really, when I look at the list of past exhibitions, I cannot believe, that I really could do it. It`s like a dream come true. Every exhibition was very special. I met a lot of amazing people with opened hearts. Even in such a difficult time, world of art is alive and walks its way. I couldn`t even imagine that artist are so kind people, that we will support each other so much. Nobody knows, how difficult to operate with technics, but the other artist. World of art is like a universe, when you decided to be the part of it, you will never leave.

The most significant for me was the first one. I was so scared and unconfident. In that gallery i saw the paintings of one artist. I adore his artworks; really amazing. And what a surprise for me was to get the mail from him with laudatory comments to my artwork. I was so happy and surprised, that it inspired me to continue that way.

Continuing the theme of exhibitions, you have a great experience of participating in local events. Were there any difficulties or failures in participation? Have you built a typical scheme of packaging, delivery, and a visit to the opening for yourself?

Being an artist not for hobby, it`s a business. In every business you must be attentive to the details, precise and punctual. Every institution has its own rules, and your task is to follow them.

Your art is like your baby, you must be sure, that it would be safe during transportation and exhibition. Check everything if you can. Ensure that you painting will be in right time in right place and with no damage.

What advice would you give to new artists who are afraid to move from hobby to something serious and start selling and showing their work to the public?

It is important to express oneself. Your art is awesome. You are awesome. Let nobody to make you doubt yourself.

And improve your skills whenever, any way you want. Just don`t stop. You deserve the best.

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