Interview with IJWBAA

In my art, I paint vivid and colorful figures that captivate the eye, yet beneath the surface lies a profound truth. My thoughts and feelings reveal a life colored by sorrow, marred by relentless struggles, and etched with the enduring ache of pain.

Born: Manila
Now: Pangasinan, Philippines
@ijwbaa |


Tell us about how you developed your style. It’s quite distinctive – you work not only in digital mediums but also bring your characters to life through sculpture, painting…

My distinctive style, blending digital art with sculpture and painting, has really evolved over time. I’ve delved deep into different artistic influences and always pushed myself to innovate. Drawing inspiration from artists like Rothko, Venus de Milo, and Giacometti, I aim to create pieces that are both simple yet deeply complex, taking viewers on a journey through the human experience. My art isn’t confined to one place – through exhibitions around the world, I love sparking conversations and inspiring people everywhere. Despite facing challenges, each one has only fueled my creativity further, adding more depth to my work. It’s humbling to see my contributions recognized in prestigious institutions globally, and I’m determined to keep pushing the boundaries and inspiring others with my dedication to artistic excellence.

Enlighten our readers about the concept behind your work. What idea do you explore in your creativity?

In my work, I not only explore the concept of blending simplicity with complexity but also delve into themes such as family, identity, social issues, and life in general. Through my art, I aim to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts about these fundamental aspects of human existence. Whether it’s through digital mediums, sculpture, or painting, I strive to create pieces that resonate deeply with viewers, inviting them on a soul-stirring journey through the depths of life’s complexities. By addressing these themes, I hope to spark conversations, raise awareness, and inspire change on a global scale.

You became a finalist in ArtsFighters in Milan, Italy, 2022. How did you become one of the participants, and how fierce was the competition?

I became a finalist in ArtsFighters in Milan, Italy, in 2022 through an open call for participants. The competition was fierce, with hundreds of talented individuals from around the globe showcasing their creativity. Although I didn’t win, being named a finalist was a significant achievement.

The experience taught me valuable lessons and allowed me to grow as an artist.

Let’s continue on the topic of international recognition. Your works have been actively featured in books. Which project stands out the most to you, and what are you most proud of today?

I’m truly grateful for the international recognition my art has received, especially through being featured in books. Among all my projects, what stands out the most to me are my books “I Just Wannabe An Artist” (both book 1 and 2). It’s incredibly humbling to have prestigious institutions like the Museo Reina Sofia Spain, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, National Museum of the Philippines, Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MACM) Canada, British Library UK, Library of Congress USA, Library of Alexandria Egypt, Asia Art Archive Hong Kong, and National Library of the Philippines recognize and accept my artwork. Each creation in these books is a part of my soul, but on a personal level, I have a special fondness for “The Builders” painting and the digital representation I created of my mom and brother. They hold a significant place in my heart.

What are your plans for the near future – projects, collaborations… What are you currently working on?

For the near future, I’m eagerly continuing on my artistic journey, embracing the surprises and experiences it brings. I remain committed to creating art and am open to whatever opportunities and collaborations come my way. Currently, I’m fully immersed in my creative process, exploring new ideas and techniques to further develop my craft.

In your BIO, you mention the challenges and obstacles you’ve faced on your creative journey. What advice would you give to aspiring artists – how to tackle difficulties and pursue their goals?

To aspiring artists facing challenges on their creative journey, I would offer this advice:

Embrace the obstacles. Each challenge you encounter is an opportunity for growth and learning. Stay true to yourself and your vision, even in the face of rejection or societal expectations.

Find inspiration in adversity and use it to fuel your creativity. Remember that every setback is a stepping stone to success, and your unique experiences will enrich your art in ways you never imagined. Keep pushing forward with determination and passion, and your authenticity will shine through in your creations, resonating with audiences worldwide.

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