Exhibition: Power

3D digital international exhibition

In this exhibition, we seek to explore what Power is.
Is it a physical meaning, or is strength something internal?
Does being strong mean having an advantage over someone and being the first, or is it about willpower when a person has almighty patience and goes step by step to his goal?
Does power have gender, man’s superiority over nature, or do time and age affect power?

Everyone has their own truth. Let’s think about the meaning of power and show our own vision in this exhibition!

List of participants

Jillian Adel, Nicole Baumgarten, Diane Belgrod, Che-Kuang Chuang, Tanya Churey, Karina Danylchuk, Daman Gill-Tur, Peter Hriso, Yulia Kapustynska, Edith Kernerman, Victoria Kovalchuk, Lilya Kravetska, Kate Kutsevol, Viktoriia Kyrylenko, Olga Larina, Lou Liska, Olivia Maday, Yuliya Odukalets, Ehigbai Ozoya, Valeriia Prasol, Tamara Prylypko, Alla Rasskazova, Isabelle Roby, Bruna Rocha, Katya Rybakova, Tetiana Savchenko, Margarita Stepanova, Kevin Trinh, Anna Weichselbaumer, Olena Yemelianova, Qiongzi Zhu

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