Interview with Shir Beck

My name is Shir Beck and I paint in oil and acrylic.
I studied painting and dance for many years, I danced classical ballet, tap and flamenco.

Eilat, Israel


Shir, tell us what kind of foundation did the combination of visual art and dance give you? Is your temperament and former lifestyle reflected in your current works?

The combination of visual art and dance contributed to movement to the rhythm and colors in the painting expressing movement and the awakening of nature in dancing to the rhythm of the flamenco taps. You can see an expression in paintings for example dance in two carnival fantasy water flowers and more.

In my childhood, flamenco dance was a significant part of my life and took up a large part of my daily hours. The painting was completed as an additional part. Flamenco in my life was a central part of many hours I spent flamenco dancing in the studio.

And the painting was the continuation of the movement of nature that I experienced as a child in the landscape of the sea and the desert of Eilat. For many hours I danced and painted in Eilat

You talk about how the desert and the sea are a source of inspiration, and you often convey these motifs in your landscapes. Tell us about what you like most about creating your abstractions. How do you find the balance between color and rhythm?

The painting and the rhythm that flows in my hands is a source of my inspiration. My stay at the sea gives me a feeling of calm and well being. It will be enormous to produce the landscapes that I must and see while painting. At the meeting between the sea and the desert, I feel a sense of infinite freedom.

The change in temperature between day and night reflects the different colors and changes throughout the day. The animals reflect each one’s role in the dance that exists in nature.

The sea has different tastes and smells. The sun is the source of energy and regeneration. The bitterness and salinity in the sea are different in the desert and in the vegetation.

The dialogue that takes place in nature between its components causes and makes me feel like a full participant.

You actively take part in international exhibitions. Last year your work was featured in an exhibition in Italy, your work was featured on a billboard in Time Square, New York, and you show your art at local events. Which of the events was the most memorable?

The events that I remember the most in the presentation of my exhibitions are
In Times Square in New York, which was shown on a billboard, people passed by the screen, many were moved by the painting and responded to it.

for the enjoyment and excitement of the audience that watched it.
At my solo exhibition at the Cinematheque in Tel Aviv during the film week where there was a diverse audience
From childhood to the third age. In my paintings I presented the beauty of the city of the eternal sun and my excitement from the rhythmic dance. And the colors that colored my love.

Many approached me at the exhibition at the Cinematheque and expressed the feelings that my paintings evoked in them and caused a sense of connection and excitement for their life’s journey.

 Let’s continue the topic of exhibitions and digital presentations of your work. What gives you the experience of remote participation? Do you communicate with other participants of the exhibitions after they are over?

Following the exhibitions around the world, there were many inquiries on my website on Instagram.
They contacted me about the exposure in digital form and showed interest in the drawings to meet for nft

What are your plans for the coming years? Are you preparing for a new project?

The plans for the next few years to exhibit in large museums such as Moma Metropolis and Guggenheim and more.
In Israel, I want to emphasize to a wider audience to share my experience in the matter.
Excited about the experience.

What would you like to advise aspiring artists?

Aspiring nationalists, I would like to advise them to believe in their ability to reach everyone and present their creativity everywhere, success will come.

Imagination is more important than information, but imagination encompasses the world.

That’s why their works are not accepted and their audience is endless and everyone connects to the paintings from their personal journey.
It is not in your power and do not give up

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