Exhibition: Discourse of War

International digital exhibition

Our team seeks to consider the impact of the war on the lives and creative paths of artists in Ukraine and around the world.

Write how your attitude to art has changed during this year. Has the vector of your creativity changed, your attitude to the language of art in connection with these events.

We want to see works that depict you in connection with the war (this can be not only works on war topics, but also your personal way in art).
We accept entries that have been created since February 24, 2022

What types of art can be submitted for submission?

  • painting, drawing, sketch, collage, mixed media, digital art, photography (as a static image)
  • animation, video work (as link with public viewing)
  • poem

Who can submit art work?

  • Ukrainian artists
  • International artists

We do not consider the work of artists from Russia and Belarus.

The digital exhibition will be available for viewing at the end of February 2023.

Thank you for your attention and peaceful skies to you!

DEADLINE: February 15th 2023

The title of the work will be showed in the gallery
The size of the work is also important (not critical for digital) – in the gallery, the work will maintain real proportions.

Applications with files that are not named correctly will not be considered!!!

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