Magazine: Issue 4, Dream Big

Publication in the art magazine.
Issue 4, Dream Big

It will be digital and print options A4

About Issue:

This issue is dedicated to hope and dreams. Artists are skilled at inventing and creating new worlds and reality. Let’s Dream Big on this issue! Share works and collections that warm, give wings and send viewers into the world of fairy tales and wonders. Catch a wave of hope and positive vibrations!

In this edition, we will gather artists of all genders and from around the world.

The magazine will publish interviews and the works of selected artists.
If you have a series with a strong concept with a series or project, or already have a recognizable style over the years, please submit your work!

Selection Criteria:
– International artists
– All-media are accepted (drawing, painting, collage, textile art, photography, art objects, sculpture, animation, etc.)
– The artist must be presented online (social pages, website, gallery profile)

We do not consider the work of artists from Russia and Belarus.

All applications need to be in English.

Please do not apply for this issue if you have already been published earlier in the previous one. We strive to show the world different artists, and not a selection of the same ones from issue to issue.

Also, don’t be afraid to apply if you haven’t been selected before! It may well be that your style was very similar to another artist. We try to make a selection with a variety of approaches and mediums so that the magazine does not look monotonous.

Dates and information:
– Submission deadline: 24 July 2023
– Estimated release date of Magazine. Issue 4 – the beginning of August
– Submission fee: FREE
Use correct title for file name!
We have character limits for texts. Please respect them in order for your application to be considered!

Open access on Google Drive:
How to do it with Sharing a link:
| 1:15 Sharing a link – Get link – Anyone with the link |

Or send files with Wetransfer file manager. Please, send it to [email protected]

Only selected artists will be notified of the results via email.

Have a good day and safe sky!

Artwork Gallery Team

Deadline for submitting an application for publication of an interview in
Artwork Gallery Magazine. Issue 4

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