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Publication on Artwork Gallery platform or in our Contemporary Art Magazine

We provide artists, teachers, and art figures with the opportunity to publish an article on our website and on the pages of the magazine, as well as to announce the article on the pages of our project in social networks.

Articles on art topics are considered for publication: teaching and studying, development, and individual art projects.

Please briefly describe your idea, and we will let you know if your material is available for publication.


The author is preparing the article in a free format.
For new authors, we suggest submitting a brief summary of the article or a description of the concept you want to write about. We only monitor the content to ensure it does not violate societal norms, does not promote violence, and is in the interest of our audience.

The list of questions is being prepared for artists and authors in an interview format. >> Send submission for interview

After clarifying the details, we publish the finished texts, without making grammatical corrections. You don’t need to send the full article right away.

For example: We give a response with consent to the publication and send you a link to the form where you can place a text or attach a link to a text file, add photo material and pay fee.

• International artists, projects, teachers, art teams and art business are welcome to submit their articles;
• We do not consider the work of artists and projects from Russia and Belarus.
• All applications need to be in English.

• FREE Submission for applicants.



Article section on the website. Full article watch here
Article layout in magazine (1 spread / 2 pages / up to 3700 characters)

Open access on Google Drive:
How to do it with Sharing a link:
| 1:15 Sharing a link – Get link – Anyone with the link |

Or send files with file manager. You can send it to [email protected]

We will contact you via email with clarification about the possibility of publication
within a few days.

Have a good day and safe sky!

Artwork Gallery Team

Deadline for submitting an application for publication article in
Artwork Gallery Magazine – Issue 8. Push your limits
There is no deadline for digital publications, we publish them on
a first-come, first-served basis.

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