Olha Yefimova

I love impressionism, plein air, and still life. Nature is the best teacher. My main creative idea is to paint landscapes (city, sea, forest, and others) from nature. I also like to draw portraits of people and animals.



My primary material is oil paint. However, I also love sketching with all possible graphic materials. My technique combines Old Dutch painting methods and impressionism. In some works, the imprimatur glows on the canvas – the first and only layer of paint applied translucently. Such paintings shine from the inside.

My subjects are people, especially women, and nature, painted from life (various landscapes and still lives).
Sometimes, to improve my style or study the manner of painting and the palette of a particular artist, I make copies of pictures by famous masters. The heroines of my original paintings are women in the form of mermaids, elves, spirits of nature, seasons, and Elements.

In the paintings, mermaids are in their natural forms, without clothes. But this is not frank eroticism. My mermaids are chaste, shy, solid, and free from society’s imposed opinions. I draw each figure so that hands, hair, or other objects seem to cover the chest,
accidentally creating an effect of mystery. You want to look at a girl who has a secret repeatedly.

I have a separate series of little mermaids for children. These miniature paintings, 25×25 cm (10×10 inches approx.), show scenes from the lives of children of Rivers, Lakes, Seas, and Oceans. Every girl and boy has the right to a happy childhood. I associate these stories
with my childhood, when I lived with my grandmother every summer, swam in the pond, and picked mushrooms and berries in the forest. These are my happy memories.

Portfolio – oil artist Olha Yefimova

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