I Help Animals

Interview with Olga Rokhmanyuk

We see so many troubles, so much grief people cause each other, destroy everything, destroy nature, animals, destroy themselves…
When I draw, my soul enters another world, I create this world myself, it gives me the strength to live on, and I want to open this positive to other people.

Interview with Wiccatori

My art serves as an escape from routine and worries, transporting viewers to a fantasy world. By transcending familiar forms and situations, I aim to stimulate imagination and evoke a sense of emotional and physical connection with nature. Drawing brings me a state of harmony, and I strive for that feeling to permeate my paintings.

Interview with Yuliya Zadorozhnyuk

In recent years, I have been actively engaged in studying a person through a portrait, which leaves an imprint on the face of life experience, tragedies, successes, and compassion. For me, each new portrait is another step towards the true self and true freedom.

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