Interview with Olga Rokhmanyuk

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We thank the artist for helping and supporting animals!

We see so many troubles, so much grief people cause each other, destroy everything, destroy nature, animals, destroy themselves… When I draw, my soul enters another world, I create this world myself, it gives me the strength to live on, and I want to open this positive to other people.

Born: Kyiv, Ukraine
Now: Richmond, Virginia, USA
@ro_art_us | Saatchi Art | ArtFinder


Why did you decide to take part in the initiative and apply? What does it mean to you to help animals?

I saw your “open call” on Instagram and my desire and opportunity came together in my application.

“What does it mean to you to help animals?”
The answer to this question consists of two parts short and superficial and the second:

  1. I love animals especially cats they are cool!
  2. If we look deeper, then most likely for me this means doing my part to help specific animals and for some time feel that I have done something in this direction. I mean, I think that I’m actually doing this for myself and not for animals.

In my opinion, the most significant help that we can give to animals is to create a situation in which animals do not need to be helped. And for this we need to find answers to very difficult questions.

For example, ” Why do we, as “humanity”, treat “animals” as a” conditionally renewable resource” “by right of the strongest”? “

Humanity has not found an answer to this question during its existence, and unfortunately I don’t have an answer to it either.

Your path in art began a long time ago. What do you think this base and education as an art designer and interior design courses gave?

In a way, my journey started even earlier. As a child, I received reprimands at home more than once for painted walls, and recently I accidentally found my school notebooks and laughed: there are more drawings than lessons …

Education gave me the knowledge and necessary skills that were not properly implemented at that time. At first I was a young specialist, and then the country began to change, as a result of which the main priorities were the ability to live the next 24 hours.

Much later, I got the opportunity to engage in custom-made interior design, and interior design courses gave me a profession that really fascinated me.

I was born with a certain “vision” and the education and all the skills that I acquired later were essentially necessary for me to confirm some kind of expertise for myself, stop being afraid and allow myself to start “creating”.

I was born with a certain “vision” and the education and all the skills that I acquired later were essentially necessary for me to confirm some kind of expertise for myself, stop being afraid and allow myself to start “creating”.


What has changed for you since those times and what inspires you now?

Since then, the point of view has changed. I used to teach my kids to “survive” now I’m learning from them how to “live my life”. Life flies fast, everything changes: the world is changing, we are changing…

If I could choose, I would choose a small house with large windows on the ocean, pick up paints and canvases… There are so many ideas, I want to say so much… I don’t need to look for inspiration, I live in it.

Creativity allows you to feel yourself outside of time and space, it fascinates, perhaps this is one of the forms of happiness.

I love how detailed your paintings are, where do you get your inspiration and patience?

There is such an expression.
Excessive concentration of a single context generates ideas at the junction.

My brain is now constantly working on images of paintings, no matter what I do.

Inspiration in my life is at every step… Here, for example, I go to work, a woman walks towards me in a beautiful bright dress… I look at these bright colors and patterns, flowers appear in my head, I mentally add other colors to this combination .. In the evening I will get to the canvas and there will be a painting …

Ah, patience is not required here, because it is a joy and a great pleasure for me, I am so carried away that I do not notice how time flies. It is very interesting for me to see how many small dots that are not endowed with meaning in themselves eventually turn into a ligature of a single concept of a holistic picture that carries beauty, meaning and a super task.

Me and my daughter at my FLOWER FANTASY art exhibition

Tell our readers about participation in “Flower Fantasy” in Richmond. How did your creative direction change after this exhibition, what feedback did you receive from visitors?

I was very afraid of this exhibition, I would not have dared myself: there was a jury for the selection of paintings and it was a long wait … and in general there were a lot of reasons not to do it.
But my children insisted: “Mom – just do it!”
And the magic began.
My paintings were chosen by the jury unanimously!
I managed to place 20 – 25 of my paintings.
The exhibition was excellent, many people came, I heard so many good reviews, many reviews were written in a special book of reviews…
My exhibition was later extended twice more.
I am happy because it was my first exhibition and it turned out to be very successful.

It was a test for me when, after the grand opening, a lot of people immediately came in and they all immediately began to evaluate my paintings, it was extremely exciting and very scary, and only when people began to smile did I regain the ability to breathe.
This is an indescribable feeling, partly these emotions are captured in the photo from the exhibition.

I gained experience in painting paintings for a specific place in an exhibition according to the size and color scheme.

One of my paintings was bought at the exhibition.

What would you advise aspiring artists?

I would advise you to take into account that what I will write below is the advice of a person who creates for the soul and from the heart and has not yet created a successful business on this ))

Don’t be afraid of anything! Don’t waste time on fear and be confident.
Don’t hide your paintings from people. Show everything, even those that you don’t really like, as all people see
differently. I am sometimes surprised that my paintings, which I considered unsuccessful, get a lot of “likes” from the audience, and vice versa, high expectations and fewer likes ..

Looking deeper into the issue…

Now is an amazing time when artificial intelligence is able to study all your paintings and then recreate your style in minutes. And so with the paintings of any number of any artists. It turns out that no one else can draw better than artificial intelligence.

The only thing that artificial intelligence is not able to recreate is the energy of the picture, and I think that this task will not be solved for a long time.

Perhaps in the future the most valuable will be the history of the creation of the painting and the positive energy that the painting conveys to its owner.

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